Noritoshi Hirakawa

"Beyond the Sunbeam through Trees Works 1988-2012"

A set of two;
Book A (Illustrations) 120 pages, 25.8x18.4cm
In total of 325 Illustrations included
Book B (Texts) 88 pages, 23.7x18.4cm

[Editorial Design Akiyama Shin.]


An official catalogue of a large-scale exhibition "Beyond the sunbeam through trees" in the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma in Japan, which exhibited the artist's earlier creation to recent important works including these that are the first time to be shown in Japan.

The catalogue consists of two parts;
Book A (Illustrations) and Book B (Texts).

Book B Comprising:
"On the Abject: The Case of Noritoshi Hirakawa" by Katsutoshi Taniuchi
"Beyond the Sunbeam through trees production note" by Kazunao Abe
"Dialogue: Witness of Un/Certainty" by Noritoshi Hirakawa and Arto Lindsey
Text by the artist Noritoshi Hirakawa
Exhibition Plan by Hiroshi Yoshino